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Oral Surgery
Dental surgery is any of a number of medical procedures that involve artificially modifying dentition; in other words, surgery of the teeth, gums and jaw bones.
Oral Surgery
Oral surgery is generally performed in dentistry and is a specialised surgery and is a medical procedure to treat diseases and defects of the mouth and jaw region.

Oral surgery can be categorised as follows:
1. Extraction of teeth
This is rare in Philip Middleton Fine Dentistry practice as our philosophy is to save teeth as much as possible. In the case of tooth extraction, it is more than likely lost due to a fracture or for orthodontic reasons.

2. Non-erupted teeth
This is usually the four wisdom-teeth that have to be surgically removed due to:
  • Lack of space in the jaw
  • Carious lesions on the teeth
  • Orthodontic reasons as well as exposure of non-erupted teeth for orthodontic reasons

3. Abscess and Apisectomies
We conduct a procedure called an Apisectomy when a tooth has an abscess and a root canal treatment was not successful. This procedure is when the tip of the root is surgically cut off and the abscess in the bone is cleaned out. This Apisectomy procedure is combined with root canal treatment.

4. Surgical removal of teeth and retained roots
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